PCF Sparkletots Preschool; Straits Times

After a mass food poisoning occurred that had 14 children vomiting continuously last Friday (Feb 1), PAP kindergarten Sparkelots at Toa Payoh West covered up the news and delayed informing their parents.

An angry parent told state media Straits Times that his daughter vomited three times over two hours since 3pm before he was finally notified at about 5pm:

“My daughter vomited five more times at the clinic and when she returned home. The school should have contacted us immediately, and not waited for two hours.”

Despite having 14 children vomiting at the same time, emergency services was not called. The PAP kindergarten waited out for parents to bring their children home, who then brought them to the medical clinics on their own expenses.

The PAP kindergarten spokesperson denied that there was any delay but he was unable to explain the 2 hour late notice. 14 children aged between three and six years old have developed symptoms of gastroenteritis. The cause is likely from the lunch at 11.15am, which was ate by 40 children.

The kindergarten also refused to disclose the name of the outsourced caterer who provided the food.