Lee Hsien Loong; Straits Times

Unable to respond to a state media reporter’s question on impromptu, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong made a fool of himself stammering “good good good” in response:

“Last year was good growth… the year before was also good growth… This year I think we will continue to grow… It may be not as vibrant as before but we work hard; even if this year is slower, the year after that we can make it better…”

When questioned about development in air transport, the 67-year-old Prime Minister again went mindlessly optimistic:

“The air hub is a very important part of our economy‚Ķ In the long term, I expect that business will still grow because the region in the long term will continue to be picking up and people are travelling. We make sure that we are competitive, and they will fly through Singapore.”

The state media reporter however clarified that she is asking about the Southern Johor airspace development, which Lee Hsien Loong gave a non-answer saying he is “working very hard”:

“We will discuss with them and we will work very hard to make sure that we enable Changi to continue to be able to operate smoothly, and the Malaysians also to have their airports operating smoothly, and traffic can flow throughout the region.”

The unpopular Prime Minister and two other PAP Ministers – former army general Ng Chee Meng and Tan Chuan Jin – were out visiting workers working on Chinese New Year.