Josephine Teo; CNA

After failing at increasing the local birth rate, Minister Josephine Teo yesterday (Feb 5) went fork-tongued defending herself saying that the number has “declined but improved”:

“But really, I think it goes beyond the numbers. What speaks loudly to us is that if you look at certain communities, actually the fertility rate has shown signs of improvement and so that’s encouraging.”

The current Singapore birth rate is the lowest in the world, at 1.16 as of 2017.

The S$1.1 million-a-year PAP Minister was unable to explain her contradictory statement or describe how the declining number is an “improvement”. Nonetheless, the notorious airhead Minister went on her speech saying that the childcare fees is affordable and widely available.

At her visit to KK Hospital, Minister Josephine Teo promised to “strengthen support” for young families, but did not give any detail:

“The Government will aim to strengthen support for young families, particularly in areas such as childcare provision. The Government has been working on strengthening the availability of childcare, ensuring accessibility and quality, and keeping fees affordable. Compared to 2012, she added that childcare places have more than doubled. By 2023, the total number of places available will grow to 200,000. If you look at the rate at which the childcare sector has expanded, I think it has made a definite difference.”