Lee Hsien Loong; Straits Times

Following media reports questioning numerous “coincidences” furnishing the Feb 9 vessel collision, the Singapore government published a statement vehemently denying its involvement and even accused the news reports of “fake news”.

According to official government propaganda channel GovSg, the Singapore government declared that the incident was an “accident”:

“A collision took place in Singapore Territorial Waters on 9 February – it was an accident, not ‘arranged’. Do not believe any deliberate online falsehoods.”

However, the Singapore officials also stated that they have not commenced any investigation or interview of the crews in the two vessels.

According to sources familiar with the incident, the Malaysian authorities are not allowing the Singapore investigators to interview the parties involved as the incident took place at Malaysian water territories, not in Singapore’s territories as the PAP dictatorship creatively marked their map to be on Oct 2018.

The Singapore Maritime and Port Authority insisted that the incident took place in Singapore territories, but they did not explain why the Singapore Police Coast Guard which took a conspicuously-timed video of the crash, did not attend to the incident in “their territories”. No offer of assistance were made by Singapore, as if they already knew nothing serious is going on.

The Singapore dictatorship also insisted that the incident took place at 2.28pm, despite confirmations from Malaysia and Greece authorities that the actual time is at 2.26pm. This raises Singapore’s culpability with many asking how, when they as the first-hand witness, could get the time wrong.

The Singapore government has also milked the opportunity to demand that Malaysia withdraw their claim off the disputed waters and asserted that the Malaysian vessels is a “threat” to navigation safety.

Malaysia has not responded to Singapore’s latest hostile response to the incident, but a retaliation in the form of other issues is expected soon.