Khaw Boon Wan; Parliament

Representing transport companies SMRT and SBS Transit in Parliament yesterday (Feb 13), Transport Minister called for public transport fares to be raised as they are seeing falling profits.

Without providing any figure, the S$1.1 million-a-year PAP Minister first started claiming that rail reliability has “increased by more than 3 times since 2017”, and went on to say that this “improvement” has been costly:

“The reliability of Singapore’s MRT network has increased by more than three times since 2017, but this has taken a toll on the train operators. The improvement was the result of rail operators SMRT Trains and SBS Transit intensifying their operating and maintenance regime. But this has caused SMRT and SBS Transit’s Downtown Line to chalk up operating costs that are significantly higher than their fare income in their respective financial years ending March 2018 and December 2017.”

The PAP Minister refused to answer a parliament question over how much government taxes were spent subsidising the two profitable transport duopoly companies.

Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan instead asked for money from the public, saying that he will need S$25 billion more in the next five years for the train tracks and a further S$4.5 billion more for vehicle and equipment expenses.

The corrupted PAP Minister who is an ex-Malaysian then claimed that Singapore rail system “is among the most reliable in the world” and that Singaporeans have to pay for it:

“We will continue to work towards improving rail reliability, making our rail network among the most reliable in the world. We are, however, mindful that any decision to increase the level of government funding for rail operations has to be weighed against competing needs, such as healthcare and security.