K Shanmugam; CNA

In a state media interview with CNA yesterday (Feb 14), Law Minister K Shanmugam became the medical authority declaring that the medical traits of cannabis is nonsense.

The S$1.1 million-a-year PAP Minister who has no medical knowledge said that using cannabis for the treatment of major illnesses like cancer and that its usage is a “propaganda” by pharmaceutical companies:

“The pharmaceutical companies can’t go out there and say: We want you to buy more drugs, and we want to make more money out of you. So they try and persuade you that they’re doing this to your benefit because it’s ‘medicinal’, you see. It‘s bunkum.”

The corrupted PAP Minister, who draws the world’s highest political salaries, then charged that foreign governments like Australia which legislated medical use of cannabis are just obsessed with tax collections:

“Some governments, quite frankly, then also look at the potential tax revenues. Though that’s a bum game, because I think in the states that have legalised, they find that the cost associated with increased health-related problems far outstrip any tax revenues.”